TECHNIPRINT® HS - Laser Heat Transfer Paper


Techni-Print HS is a new all-purpose heat transfer paper that excels at transferring design images to hard surface items such as mugs, phone inserts, metals, and more! The transfer process is simple and easy, and transfers full, photographic color to a wide variety of materials, with no excessive background polymer or adhesive. With consistent and professional looking results, Techni-Print HS is sure to become one of your shop's favorite transfer medias.

  • For ceramic, metal, wood, and more
  • Create mugs, tiles, cell phone cases, photo panels, license plates, and more!
  • Recommend light colored substrates for best color results
  • For use with laser printers only
Before You Buy:
  • Heat press application of this paper is required. Press will be dependent on your substrate.
  • Because this is a transfer paper for a wide variety of materials, it is absolutely necessary that each new item/material be thoroughly tested with the transfer before sale. This allows for best success in production.
  • Please note that due to the transfer nature of this media, the image can potentially be scratched or chipped off the surface of the item. We recommend transferring to items of minimal handling or washing, and for drinkware items, handwashing or the top rack of a dishwasher only.
  • Store paper in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight using a resealable bag
We recommend testing the product before purchasing large quantities or going into full production on your project. Sample packs are available.

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