*Sample Packs* LASER Heat Transfer Paper (Single Step Papers)


You should always perform a test to ensure all settings are working well within your environment. Make any adjustments before attempting a full production run. With this sample pack, you can perform your test to ensure all settings are working well within your environment, and that the outcome is satisfactory. Each sample pack will contain 3 sheets of the selected paper in 8.5 x 11" size. Should you require assistance please let us know.


Sample Options:

Neenah Techni-Print EZP for Light colors. (Not recommended for dark colors)

TECHNI-PRINT EZP Heat Transfer Paper is for transferring photos and graphics to white and light colored fabrics, is easy to use yet gives crisp vibrant images regardless of the model of the laser printer or copier.


Neenah Laser 1 Opaque for dark colors. (Can be used on white or light colors)

LASER 1 OPAQUE Heat Transfer Paper is easy to use for transferring laser photo-quality images or other graphics to dark colored materials, offering a soft, supple transferred image that is vibrant and durable – and will withstand many laundry cycles, regardless of the model of laser printer or copier.


It is important to note, that the light will have a nearly clear background after transferring, while the dark will have a white background and trimming is recommended before transferring. (Background would be any unprinted area).


MADE IN THE USA Green-e (Verified & Certified)

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