Silicone Coated Parchment Pressing Sheets


Silicone coated parchment paper, for use with opaque heat transfer paper. These papers keep your heat press platen and pad clean. Pressing sheets are needed for use with opaque transfers, also know as transfers for dark fabrics, or if you are using regular transfers with an image that bleeds to the edge. 

These sheets are reusable for multiple presses. Discard once significant browning occurs.

Pressing Sheets should be silicone coated or PTFE (Teflon) coated as other types of coatings, such as quilon coated parchment, have a tendency to stick. Silicone parchment will produce a matte finish to your transfer, whereas PTFE will finish glossy.

Other features include:

  • Non-stick sheets will easily release from your transfer and will keep your heat source clean.
  • Can be used in craft projects. The silicone coating will protect your crafting surface from messes and staining.
  • Sheets are food grade and safe to use for baking. 


*Transfer Paper is not included. You must purchase the printable transfer paper separately. 

*Do not expose the sheets to direct flame or heating elements (such as stove top or oven heating elements), these sheets are still paper.

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